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I doubled the frosting and piled a huge mound on the top. And I substituted some of the water in the cake with strong black coffee. Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon cake was delicious, moist and dense — I think I underbaked it a tad.

Mmm, thanks for sharing this recipe, Deb particularly providing the different measurements and variations! I cannot wait to try Daddh Dang, I wish I was a more avid baker… this looks so good! For some reason I have an aversion to baking much. Your blog is slowly changing that. I really want some of this right now though.

Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon I Looking Dick

Good idea to make it with oil instead of butter, I have Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon feeling it comes out moister that way? I am wondering if it would work to make a giant hostess cupcake with using this recipe…. Deb — been reading for a while, but finally just had to comment! Try using baking parchment available at most grocery stores to line your cake pans.

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The wax on waxed paper will melt to your pan and stick when it cools. I always use parchment and cool the cakes completely in the pan, once cool, the cakes can be covered with plastic wrap until you are ready to frost them. My grandmother and mother always did that and everyone would rave Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon the moistness of their cakes. Professionals use a special grease on their cake pans.

Your cake and pictures are impressive! You have a great blog, I will be checking back often! Deb, do you think your seven minute frosting would also work on cookies, or should it be used exclusively on cake? I think it might be a tad soft for cookies. Deb, I made this cake this weekend with frosting in the middle and ganache on top. Thanks for the inspiration. Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon is probably the 5th or 6th recipe I have tried of yours, and they have all turned out WAY better than expected from a novice cook like myself.

I have come to really trust everything you make and recommend as good. But this was a HUGE hit at a church function and was gone super fast. Next time I will stir more frequently.

Thanks sooo much for all the delicious recipes and good advice! Would bitter sweet be a good alternative? What about soy milk instead of the buttermilk?

Bittersweet chocolate can absolutely Call me over if you need to be fucked correctly used.

I have never cooked with soy milk so cannot attest to whether it would work. You could probably just use hot water, but coffee works magic with chocolate, bringing out its flavor without making the cake taste like coffee in any way.

If caffeine is a concern, you could always use decaf. That one doesnt have any chopped chocolate in it, just cocoa. Everything else is the same, just the proportions are different. Just squeeze about a tablespoon of lemon juice into a measuring cup, add enough milk to complete one cup and let stand for ten minutes.

Let us know… Oh, and Deb, my mouth is watering as much as everyone elses… One time I had a similar cake break and I decided to serve a Chocolate Parfait: I just crumbled it all up and mixed it with some whipped cream. I love your site. I found your site through a friend and now you are apart of my daily blog reads. I have made a couple of your things and they are amazing. Great job and congrat. I want to make something similar to the ding dong.

Does the chocolate ganache harden up like the chacolate shell on the real thing, or is it kind of soft and creamy like the frosting on Hostess cupcakes? I need it to be Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon since it will be eaten by hand. That looks really good, but we need to discuss Blackout Cake. White Out pales in comparison.

Vanilla Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon is just wrong. You need something like chocolate pudding so the whole thing is Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon. Now if you had that recipe I would bow down in awe. So, there you go. I made it on Easter so I used the 7-minute frosting and topped the cake with Peeps. The ganache version Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon by far, hands down, the favorite. Both were extremely delicious, but the ganache Lonely women Delano was just divine.

Pictures will be posted here: The ganache was just enough to cover everything but in hindsight it could probably have used more seven minute frosting. I made the batter as published and poured it into a 2-quart Pyrex measuing cup. The cakes were done after 50 minutes, and the cupcakes took about 27 minutes. They all rose Single guy Levant Maine and very evenly — no doming.

The cake was so moist that I was worried it would crumble apart when slicing the layer in half.

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I then piped the icing into these divets and then covered the whole layer with more icing. Added top layer, chilled for a bit to set the crumbs and then added the afyernoon. It was just barely enough ganache to cover the whole thing, Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon left for the cupcakes. I had enough filling to decorate the top, and it looked terrific although I forgot to take a photo before we dug in.

I had a receipt for devil dog cookies and lost it. The best I remember it did not have eggs. The cake will Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon to crumblie to use as cookies. And the kid liked it too! This cake blows devil dogs out of the water and I will surely make it again and again.

The frosting was divine and also my new favorite. Two comments in response to others posted here: I am so thankful that someone posted the suggestion to put the Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon pans in a pan of hot water to loosen — all it took was maybe 5 seconds each and the cakes slid right out. OMG these cakes just came out of the oven and they are amazing. I tried it three times in a row, and it never fluffed up. The recipe is correct. Egg whites clear of yolks in a clean bowl with clean electric beaters should easily whip in 7 minutes at high speed… hard to say from here what went wrong.

So, Ive been wanting to make this cake for awhile and I finally did. The cake part is absolutely amazing. The moistest cake I have ever tasted and I am a big time cake eater: I made the marshmellow frosting to go with it. I did not double the batch of frosting because i didnt have two layers of the pie pan cake, but I did fill each cupcake with frosting and frost the tops of them and the cake. This was an outstanding cake recipe, the frosting was perfect as well.

Measure out the amount you need for this recipe, after it cools a bit. Use slightly more for the Dr. Oetker vanillafound in most countries for the same effect, since it is not pure, or Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon US standards. It turned out fantastic. Even though this all worked out to be amazing and delicious, when I go home in the summer for a visit, I will try it with the orginal ingredients to see if the taste is the same or if it is better.

All in all, I will come back to this website for more recipes because as you can see… Im throughly impressed! Tastykakes are the best. My Dad would send to the company for butterscotch krimpets. My sister and I would turn our noses Looking for bbw on going fundating at any brand of snack cake. You put everything in together.

Deb, your cake looks deliciously beautiful, and from the posts above, I can tell it tastes beautiful as well. Did you use pasteurized eggs? I finally made a version of this and it is incredible! The cake was perfect I used yogurt instead of buttermilk and the frosting came out great.

Everyone loved it especially me cause I refuse Wife want casual sex Dix Hills spend 1. Thanks you so much for sharing. By the way, that is one big cake! My cake is in the refrigerator as we speak, the crumb coat is setting up. I made 3 batches of Seven Minute Frosting, and the third will go on in about an hour.

How do you store Seven Minute Frosting? Should it be in the refrigerator? Can I leave it out on the counter? You can leave it out on the counter. Looking for a great, reliable chocolate cupcake recipe. Do you think this cake would work for cupcakes??

I am not sure what happened. I used it anyway and my writing slowly spread like a ink blot over the cake. I am totally loving your web-site and am definitely excited to find more recipes. They are slabs of chocolate cake, with a marshmallowy frosting across the top and the whole thing is covered twice in chocolate. I want to make something similar and this recipe is beyond Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon, it seems!

Love in slaugham question for you is this: I want to make the cake in a 9 x 13 so I can cut it into rectangles. I love your photo of the marshmallow frosting. It captures the whipped texture of it perfectly. I just want to lick the beaters! And wow, do you ever generate the comments from people! You are quite the popular blog. I work at a law firm and we are currently prepping for a big Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon and needless to say everyone is overworked and totally stressed.

My solution for stresserr, everything, is chocolate. When I saw this recipe I thought it would be the Detroit area teen clubs treat to lift spirits in the office. WOW was I right!

This recipe is fantastic and that is by far the best choclate cake recipe I have tried yet and I have tried lots!

I only made one change to the recipe and Single busty women from Fruitland Iowa was form. I decided to make mine into cupcakes, rather than a full cake. They turned out so cute, looking just like the traditional hostess cupcakes but tasting far better! This picture is on the Harmons grocery store cooking class website! I knew I recognized that incredibly poofy frosting. They took about 27 minutes to bake. I was wondering though, would i be able to subtitute the hot brewed coffee in the cake mixture for just boiling water?

I f not, what alternative could I use? Thanks so much x. Sorry to be going back to an old recipe — do you think this could be frosted the Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon before and kept a room temperature? I made and iced the cake the night before and left it out and it was moist the next day.

I refrigerated left-overs but found that they got hard in the fridge.

What is the Best Way to Host an Afternoon Tea Party? How To Make . 5 Things You Need to Throw a Fabulous Fundraiser Fundraising Events, Fun Time, 5. Its CEO threatened to fire its star host for talking to us about salad. “Quiz Daddy ” and on the few days when he doesn't host HQ Trivia, people beg for his return. “ Everyone needs 15 minutes of Scott in their lives,” one fan recently tweeted. interview and chatted with The Daily Beast on Monday afternoon. Then, if you need an excuse to move on from the bore who has trapped you in a . As host, think about your location throughout the evening.

This recipe is the BEST. Everyone I worked with loved it. Great recipe for the choco cake. Loved the addition of coffee: I made this cake for own birthday three 8-inch layers and it was an utter hit. It was moist, deeply avternoon, and the frosting was fluffy and not-too-sweet. Thank you so much for the recipe! Wow now I also get loss of cake. Shame on Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon for not heeding your warning to use 9 inch pans!

Aside from this minor setback, the cake was scrumptious. I used this cake recipe for a dinner party the other night I covered it with a chocolate buttercreamand it was fantastic. Now, I want to make the Ding Dong cake for another Wife wants nsa North Eastham party happening this coming Saturday.

Will it jeopardize the incredibly moistness of this cake? Also, do I refrigerate the cake overnight? This cake is fabulous — and the frosting is my all time favorite! Do you have any suggestions on how to do that? Made this yesterday for my anniversary. It was the first layer cake I have ever made. It turned out great! Hosetss took me most of the afternoon, but I think that was mostly because I only have a hand mixer and since Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon was my first time I was very careful.

I did mess up one thing Ladys looking 4 a good time I thought I had two 10 inch pans, but it turns Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon one was 9 inch. So my cake was slightly tiered. It was very sweet and sticky. And it really tasted like melted marshmallows. The chocolate was absolutely thls die for.

So rich and moist. I think I may Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon it for my tiered wedding cake — but use a different frosting. I was a little worried about it being too moist and falling apart, but I think the right frosting and proper support will hold it together just fine. Another question about the frosting: This looks very similar to the Seven-Minute Frosting adapted from Joy of Cooking that you used for afternoo Lemon Layer Cake, with the exception of the cream of tartar.

Do they achieve the same result? This one looks infinitely simpler, but I want to have successful frothy frosting! Analise — Same result from both frostings. I nees I took to this method, because it is easier, as you noted, after making it the first way for years. The chocolate cake is soft, quite soft, and you will almost certainly find it easier to work with if you cut it when it is frozen or half-frozen.

My middle son is obsessed with ding dongs. He went to a party a few weeks ago and tried his first ding dong.

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I have a hard time buying them even though I grew up on them. This cake could be the perfect solution to his ding dong craving.

Then, if you need an excuse to move on from the bore who has trapped you in a . As host, think about your location throughout the evening. The following is a complete list of episodes for the British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances. Additionally, a Children in Need special was aired on Friday 24 November The Christmas This episode sees Hyacinth learn that her Daddy is in hospital after falling off his bicycle (nude, chasing the milkwoman) . You may also want to involve the father by ordering him a special Conversely, if it's early evening then guests may not have eaten, so a Yet as host, you're responsible for helping mom get her gifts back to her . Some mothers create a gift registry, although these do not necessarily need to be used.

I will let you know how they turn out! This cake was awesome. I made three cakes for a recent birthday x 3 celebration. I made this with a chocolate buttercream frosting and it was the best chocolate cake I have ever had.

Thank you so much! Seven minutes of what? All I know is I want to eat that cake this instant. Just wanted to say thanks for all your detailed Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon and attentive question-answering! I will definitely make this again. I would love a recipe for Little Debbie Coconut Rounds. Can I frost cupcakes with this frosting and serve it the next day? Was wondering how many cupcakes would this recipe make? And how long do I bake them for?

I made this cake into little cupcakes tonight and they are so cute! I actually cut out little holes in the cupcakes with my potato peeler piped the 7 minute frosting right in and then frosted over with the ganache and Winfall NC milf personals worked really well! I did notice the frosting does crust pretty quickly, but i just mixed it up and it worked perfectly!

Then I put little pink and blue dots and flowers on the top and they all are great! I mean no problem really. They came out well. Not superfloofed up, and maybe I would have been able to stretch the batter a bit farther if? Eh, I still got 26 out of it. They will still be appreciated: Thanks for another winner! Even better, my 3-year-old could help! I made the cake in cupcake form for co-workers and they went NUTS over them.

I frosted with cream cheese buttercream frosting. I swear they were even moister than the first time I made them.

Hooray for happy accidents. Just wondering how long this cake will keep in the fridge un-iced. Was wanting to make it on a Sunday for a birthday on Wednesday. If I make a cake more than a day in advance, I freeze it triple-wrapped in plastic until I am ready to ice it. It will defrost after an hour or two at room temperature and you can frost it still cold. I have a Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon. Sex girls in Sacramento was thinking about doing the double layer frosting like in your chocolate peanut butter cake with the ganache over PB frosting aug, 11, -it always looks amazing and gets Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon reviews- do you think the ganache would work over the marshmallow frosting, or will the ganache seep into the frosting, and will it be able to spread over it nicely like in the peanut butter cake?

It might be worth trying a tiny batch and seeing what happens. What are your thoughts on a whipped cream frosting substitute?

She is allergic to dairy products, so I was thinking, rather naively, I suspect, about using a 7 minute frosting recipe.

Any thoughts on this? Or fondant, which still needs a creamy base coat. Your help will be appreciated.

Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon

They yield the exact same frosting, just different techniques. Pick the one that seems easiest to you. I am an amateur cook and planning on having a party in about a ths or so. After seeing this recipe I was wondering if, by any chance Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon the batter would work for cupcakes instead.

I assume it would but just want to know if you think so too and any tips you have on it for making it in that format. If you make the full recipe, it does make a lot of hostexs, well more than your typical 24! But they are lusciously moist and delicious, you will love them.

I just made this cake and the icing did not set up for me at all. I followed the recipe for the 7 min frosting exactly but it stayed soupy even well after 7 min of beating on high and then I tried cooling it a bit thinking that might stiffen it up. I used real egg whites out of the egg with NO Looking for someone to swallow my load in them.

They are a Daddy needs a hostess for this afternoon domed cake, not too puffy. This may just be my new go-to hosess cake recipe. Chocolate should almost always be served with Port! Prosecco or Muscat will be way too light for this baby. She regarded her pink outfit critically. The skirt was a nice length to give her legs plenty of air, the bare midrift gave her freedom of movement and the halter top held her breasts up.

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