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There is nothing more annoying than a cock interfering with My fun so with sub bob, I took care of that pesky thing with some stitches and needles I had so much fun with sub bob this past weekend that I just had to take someine video eye candy to share.

Yes, you can find it on the Video Gallery link below. Ever wonder why most pictures you find of breast skewering features women?

I have at times too so Definitely enjoying reliving My experiences with sub bob from last week. I am in a sharing mood so there is eye candy below as well as on My Video Gallery. As you can tell from the eye candy below as well as in the Video Gallery, I had a great couple of days amusing Myself with sub bob.

I am still buzzing from the time I enjoyed him. September - October Schedule. For awhile now, I have had such a yearning for amusing Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass with Needles, needles and more needles.

So as you can see I did. I also enjoyed My new Urethral Stretcher a bit which you can see below. Yes with the use of sub e's balls, I Big woman My own personal record for testicle skewering. My new personal best is 16 22g 4 inch needles. Below you will find a couple of pictures and then videos from My experience. Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass you can tell from below, I enjoyed a bit of banding.

Do you wonder if I Love iz exciting the band after awhile? I ran across a new urethral stretcher I just had to have. Oh yes, I can't wait to enjoy it very soon. As you can tell by My eye candy below as well as the latest video below, I enjoyed Myself with sub d recently. I just love needles. I just heard that In-House Pharmacy now requires a prescription. Sad news to say the least. Hopefully another source will be found soon.

July - October Schedule. I just had to hold onto a little bit of eye candy from My time with sub al to share. Oh yes, video is on the Video Gallery link.

June - July Schedule. Even though I have amused Myself so much with a few of you, I had such a craving within Me. My craving lead Me to enjoy sub al by inserting many needles into his flesh. Ahh the red mess a skewered cock head can create is so lovely.

A couple of weeks ago, I found Myself bored and decided to look around on Netflix. I found a TV series called "Bitten" that Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass began watching. One of the later episodes, I was watching a torture scene well as close to torture as you would find on TV where one male was tied nude to a bottomless chair when suddenly one of the lead characters brought out a burdizzo.

From what it looked liked, it was a 16 inch. As My mind quickly played out a couple of different scenarios how I imagined the burdizzo being used by the hottie male lead, I just found Myself yelling at the television.

The scene builds as the hottie holding the blades of the burdizzo open leans in towards the groin Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass the restrained male then they quickly cut away with the female lead hearing from another room him screaming.

I will say this Oh yes, I enjoyed sub dave by amusing Myself with him helpless for hours as well as sounds, catheter insertion and electro. I will let you take a peek by viewing the videos below on the Video link as well as a few pictures.

The Urethral Sound Tray I prepared prior to enjoying sub dave. Can you guess what Housewives seeking casual sex Dodson Montana been up to? I amused Myself by encasing him from head to ankle in a full body cast. Of course I then removed a couple of select areas and enjoyed electro, scrotum infusion and even a catheter since I had him completely helpless for almost 8 hours.

Bailey, American escort in Columbus, Ohio

And yes, I definitely took some eye candy which you will find some pictures as well as a video below. April - May Schedule. As you can see from My bit of eye candy, I amused Myself with banding Sissy emily.

February - March Go. This past week, I received an email with questions that others may have I really enjoy performing CBT on my husband. We don't have a lot of money so we can't afford a lot of devices so we make do with what we have is that Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass I do sounds a little but we don't have a real sound so we make do.

Ahve want to start sticking needles in his balls but I am not sure how to start. As you can tell from below as well as on My Video Gallery, I amused Myself with a few of you including sub dave which is featured within My eye candy below. Below you will see the updated links. Usually when you think of infusion, you think Scrotal infusion which is usually the case here on Leather Realm but there are also Breast Infusion.

So many Sissies and Sluts fantasize about having large, full breasts but normally won't ever have the chance. Hormones or implants isn't an option for so many but there is a temporary solution to fulfilling this desire. Breast Infusion is where saline is injected via IV drip into breast tissue and using gravity along Colu,bus shaping, natural looking breasts are formed.

The "Breasts" looks great for several hours before the saline spreads out to be absorbed into other parts of the body. Very little discomfort involved. For those like Myself that are into body modification, Male Body Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass is geared towards male body mods but women are welcome to join.

Ever wondered how a cock can be reattached to the body after it has by whatever means to removed? Severed penis is reattached. I just had to share the piece of art by Mitch O'Connell that I recently bought. What's New Pictures. Keep your fingers crossed that I will have a video of injecting soon. It Local chat Dearborn Heights Michigan been so long since I amused Myself with testicle skewering, I was lusting after them.

Keeping Columbbus in mind, I amused Myself with sub e by not only skewering his nuts but sliding 18g and 20g needles into them. Oh yes, I grabbed some eye candy which is below and on the Video Gallery. Anyone emailing about such will NOT be replied to. If there is an interest, simply use the contact hace. Basic information will still be required.

As you can see below, I amused Myself Real women sex on the Broulee sub s this past week by infusing his scrotum with cc's of saline.

Yes, I even got a bit of video of the process. June - September Schedule. Mmmm finger paint as you see below and I even had to put My finishing touch of "CM". Yes, I even have some video below Sex in side 43143 share. Today, I amused Myself with uncle dave and I just couldn't wait till the next update to post Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass few pictures.

See what happens when I hear about his prior abuse of women in his past. Women don't like being cheated on nor dumped and I in My special way Girl in Lacey ct likes to fuck him.

April - June Schedule. Ahh skewering, I just love sliding My sharp slender needles into the most sensitive areas but balls aren't the only thing that can be skewered.

Below you will see what else can be on the Video Gallery. At times I amuse Myself by using those unable to come to Me, via webcam which as you can tell below can be quite stimulating. I just love banding. February - April Schedule. How much is too much with testicle injection? LOL Find out what happened when I injected sub e's testicles this past week.

Yes, I got a bit of eye candy in the form of a picture and video. This past week I amused Myself with sub p, only telling him that I was going to enjoy him by stretching. Of course he had no clue that I meant not only stretching his nuts but fisting his ass, stretching his nipples with the use of needles and putting him in stress positions within bondage.

Oh yes, I did get a bit of video as well as I snapped a few Want to fuck 61379 to share. Dying to watch the video of from My skewering sub e's testicles with 14 needles? Yes, I know you have so you will find it on My Video Gallery below. As some of you know, I enjoy amusing Myself with that extremely rare treat of testicle infusion.

Yes, that is where the actual testicles are infused with saline. For those with an interest in Female olympic sex in Chicago Illinois, instead of saline In the last couple of months, I have been researching Calcium Chloride Dihydrate which is used for non surgical castration. Unlike vodka, CCD only Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass 1 set of injections into the testicles for desired results within weeks.

January - April Schedule. Oh yes as you can tell, I finally enjoyed a bit of creative cock and ball torture by skewering sub e's balls with 14 needles which is My personal best.

Of course then I inserted needles thru his urethra. Mmmm yes still riding the rush from earlier today. As you see below, I have some eye candy to share plus My next update I will have a video to share. As with My addiction to so many of My fetishes, Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass am craving some interesting perhaps wicked cock and ball torture.

Of course another craving of Mine is My love of Medical fetish. So where is My next patient? Any voice message that involves this type of meeting will be Women wants casual sex Edmonton Alberta. To be screened, you MUST fill out the contact form.

Ahh yes for those that enjoy exploring medical just like I do, I found even a few pictures to share with you Recently there has been quite a few of you emailing Me about body casting, just a reminder For these type of meetings a deposit is required during the scheduling process and must be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance.

Yes, guess what frustrated Sadist enjoyed a masochist over the weekend? Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass, it was Me. Yes, the video of My time with sub dave is below on the video gallery. This is an out of the ordinary update but My mind and body keeps Honolulu1 Hawaii girls nude for something special, something so lovely and wicked that I can almost instantly become wet just closing My eyes Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass imagining it.

Whether the method Horny woman looking Geelong restrictive Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass with the addition of many needles creating beautiful designs then removing them or simply placing My canvas in standing bondage with a hood and gag then slowly using My scalpel or knife to create small streams of blood that flows slowly down the frame of it's flesh that will produce the end result that I am craving.

Blood letting in so many ways is so sensual and erotic As you can tell from the 2 bits of eye candy below, I had a bit of fun. After I encased him causing him to be unable to move and blindfolded him as well as gagged him, I used urethral sounds on that little cock of his and used the tower of pain on his nipples. How do you improve on a testicle skewering?

I asked that same question which is why I amused Myself with sub ed's balls recently. Yes, I even took a bit of video which you may enjoy on the Video Gallery below. As promised, the videos taken during My time with sub d. I am sure from My little teaser onyou have been simply yearning to see what happened so enjoy. Just a little teaser to wet your lips till I post the videos on Sunday. Had quite a bit of fun this past week and I have a bit of eye candy Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass you from My time with sub d.

Yes, he is in a full body cast and spent 5 hours inside of it unable to move while wearing a catheter.

Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass

Oh yes, I had a great Saturday. Just had to share some eye candy from a first meeting with sub s. Not only did Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass take a 32f sound down his urethra but I infused his balls with cc's of saline. What fun it was watching him walk bow legged because his balls was hanging so low.

My guinea pig came to visit this past week after such a long time away so to celebrate, I amused Myself with electro, anal, needles and nailing those nuts of his. Yes, I have some eye candy to share below. Not only a snap shot or two but a video on the video gallery bellow. July - September Schedule. Looks like I will be using My burdizzo here soon.

As always, it will be a stimulating experience. For those that has been Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass for the next video installment of freak's cock head splitting, you will find the 14th cut video in the Video Gallery below. Since I am still working on getting another video or two edited then posted, I decided to give you a nibble of what to expect From time to time I amuse Free fem pussy with one of My favorites This past week, not only did I create a twat between sub b's thighs with surgical staples but I also inserted needles into his balls, head of his cock and his urethral opening.

Below is a bit of Horny women in Lakewood Ranch, FL candy for you to get gooey over. As you can tell, My freak's freak brand via cell popping is turning out nicely.

In the picture too is the current status of his cock head splitting. Yes, a slow splitting but I prefer to go slow with My freak's modification. Perhaps you may be asking yourself why I am modifying him Not only does it amuse Me to use Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass in such a way as well as get Me wet There is no way to hide what he is when not only is his cock slowly being split but he is marked permanently as a freak. I just love it when I can amuse Myself so often As you can see by the pictures below, I enjoyed sub dave and sub d.

Of course I also enjoyed the other sub dave as well which I got video which is on the link below. Lets start with My pleasurable time with sub dave. I enjoyed him by mummifying him with pallet wrap, duct tape and a medical neck brace. I then took away his sight and hearing with a simple leather blindfold and ear plugs.

For additional security, I added a chest strap as well as a tight strap over his Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass. Soon I inserted a catheter into his bladder to S and ampm b ampd nsa control over it. After leaving him in this state for a couple of hours, I added surgical staples into his scrotum to attach electro alligator clamps with leads which was hooked to a TENS unit.

Ahh yes, being completely restrained and mummified then having electricity sent into his balls was very stimulating for quite awhile. Thru out the time I was electrifying his balls, I was penetraate pulling and torturing his pierced nipples with him helpless to Bbw amateur 97457 anything but suffer. Next is My time with sub d. While I amused Myself with so many pleasurable things during our time together, below someoone will see how I enjoyed skewering his Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass with needles and just prior I used sounds to stretch his urethra then inserted a catheter to take control over his bladder while he was restrained to My table.

In the last several months, I have thought about how I screen and go thru the process for certain body mod meetings.

Effective immediately, Columus will Finley-TN adult sex a picture of that specific area where the body mod will take place attached to the email with your response to the questions I required answered in detail. Also, if I do agree to penetrtae with you after I have screened you there will be Loooking meeting required prior to that body mod meeting.

If a scene is involved within the body mod meeting then the meeting prior will also. If no scene is involved, the meeting prior will only be a consultation. As the day passes, I will be adding a video from My most recent time with sub d. I just Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass to tease so the pictures below will give you an idea of what Cokumbus was up to. April - July Schedule. How did I spend My Easter somoene I enjoyed Myself by continuing cutting on the top of My freak's cock head.

Yes, Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass latest video on freak's cock head splitting journey is on the below link. This past week I enjoyed sub e for some enema play which included using My 32f and 40f rectal tubes in him but to finish up, I enjoyed sliding needles into his ball sack and then electrifying them.

Just love using needles as conductor for electricity. March - May Schedule. Earlier last week I enjoyed My freak once again by continuing splitting his cock head.

Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass I Am Look Nsa Sex

Yes, I have another video to share below. Even with last week being a bit hectic around here, I did manage to enjoy a few of you including sub d and My freak. And yes, I even took a bit of eye candy in the way of videos. This past week not only did I enjoy continuing the cock head splitting on My freak but I also enjoyed some quiet time with sub dave.

And yes, I did get some eye candy to share. Not only a couple of pictures of My time with sub dave but some video of My freak's tenth cutting. Ahh Banding, a form of castration using a ring to cut off the blood supply to the testicles and the scrotum that is below the castrating ring. What an amusing way to spend an afternoon, especially with My freak.

Watch the latest video of My banding of freak which is below on the Video Gallery. February - May Schedule. Those that has been waiting for the latest video featuring My freak's cock head being split, your in luck.

Below you will find the latest video of My most recent cut of his cock head. Yes, I had a great last week and I even got some video of the experience. This past week to say the least I Derby teen fuking giral some stress relief and I did get a bit of that enjoying My freak.

Yes, your in luck. What an exciting week is has been but one major panty soaking evening was spent with My Freak and enjoying his in the process split cock head. Better late than never when it comes to updating this week with Christmas being Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass past Sunday and next Sunday being New Housewives wants real sex Harrogate Day.

On the day before Christmas, I had a lovely afternoon with sub dave by encasing his upper half with Plaster Casting. Yes, I do have a picture to share. December - March Schedule. This past week I enjoyed My freak by continuing his cock head splitting by adding the 8th cut which was located at the bottom of the cock head. With this cut, it's even more noticeable. No denying that he is a freak Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass this additional cut. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way Not only did I enjoy My freak by skewering his balls then frying them with a TENS but I also enjoyed sub p by separating his balls then skewering them with 3 22g x 4 inch needles plus a whole Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass more.

Yes, I have pictures and a video to share. This week I enjoyed My freak again by cutting just a bit more of his cock head, splitting it even wider so there is no hiding it if anyone would ever see him nude but while doing so an old lust came to mind. Mmmm perhaps when I am finally done splitting My freak's cock head, I may continue the splitting to run the entire length of his cock. While I have done several cock Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass splitting, I have never split an entire cock.

Yearning to take a peak at the latest cut video? Since everyone knows how much I just love sending long sharp needles thru sets of nuts, this past week I enjoyed beating My record. Yes, indeed I have video to share and a picture to lust over. Even though this past week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, I did manage to be entertained by a few of My favorite males.

My freak being one of them. What a great weekend. I started My weekend with sub dave which I had so much fun using My new electro rings on him plus a few other things. To take a peek, videos have been updated below. There is just something so sexy and erotic about the suffering of another for Me. As a Sadist, I get My pleasure from causing a reaction. That reaction maybe tears, moans, giggling, screaming, pain or even heavy breathing.

My pleasure nor yours is not simply a physical, sexual pleasure but more so a psychological one because of the rush of endorphins. Speaking of which, I also enjoyed sub p this past week. Yes, I even took a bit of eye candy Remember just click on the thumbnails small pictures to see the full size pictures.

Since I have a fascination with medical curiosities, I just had to add this link to a video about a male that has a pound scrotum who is seeking donations for a surgery that will remove the lets call it Single housewives want porno orgy Trenton pound growth without castration.

Man with pound growth on his testicles seeks treatment. To say that I have already had a great week after last week's great experiences is an understatement.

Below on the Video Gallery you will find the latest video of the head splitting progress. Mmmm I still get wet just looking at the video. For those waiting for the next video of freak's progress of the cock head splitting, I enjoyed the fifth cut which was on top of the Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass.

Yes, you will find it below on the Video Gallery. Marc Arnkoff taking patients. As per his site information, he states that in some cases NO papers is required.

For more information or to set up your appointment, go to http: Just a reminder, I am simply passing on his information and do not have any personal experience with him nor his office. As you can tell below, I was in a genital torture kind of mood this past week and lucky Me I have a couple of victims to enjoy. This past week has been pretty exciting, one reason was My freak's introduction to the Steel Extreme Ball Stretcher.

This past week, I decided to re-burn My freak's groin brand so it will be on his flesh forever. Yes, I did get a video which is below. Ever been curious about being restrained within a material that can't be broken off or wiggled out of? Ever break a bone? If your curious, you will find a video of a recent single leg plaster casting that I did recently that is a practice for a full body plaster cast that I will be doing in the Fall when the cooler temps return here in Ohio.

This is a recent change so update your bookmarks. A popular fantasy within Castration fetish is where a woman, whether it be your angry GF, Wife or Mistress, chops off that bit of flesh between your legs that identifies your gender because of a prior misdeed on your part. If this is your idea of a hot Saturday night then this news report is for you Woman jailed after cutting off husband's penis - http: Simply click the link.

And yes I know this is a serious crime and I am sure we all hope that the unidentified male comes out of this safe and sound but again you just don't hear about this everyday so I just had to post it. Recently, I decided to Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass My freak's taint so I could use My leash while at parties and so forth Ahh Summer, the time of year that slows down the visits that amuse Me so much but never fear, I had a lovely visit with My freak this past week that continued his journey with splitting his cock head.

Yes, your favorite Local sluts in Castiglione Della Pescaia wy has had a very interesting week which ended with a visit from sub dave. Below is a sample of the pictures and under the Video Gallery is a tasty 10 minute video during the process.

I received a very interesting email recently I am posting the original email and My response. I certainly enjoy your Leather Realm site, I Fuck a mom in Atlanta a quick question.

Have you ever added sterilized glass marbles to a slaves scrotum? It is an idea that fascinates me to have a nut sack heavy with extra balls that in time would stretch him to extreme lengths. Pleased to hear that you are enjoying Leather Realm. No, I've never added sterilized glass marbles into the scrotum to add weight long term but the problem would be that glass can chip which could possibly go into the blood stream with a risk of death. Also, there is a chance the Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass could reject the glass causing it to become infected or actually push out of the body.

Thinking about it though sterilized surgical steel balls could be added to the scrotum without Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass risk of chipping. Other than the usual infection risks as well as a possibility of the body rejecting it, it would be safer than glass.

This past week, I enjoyed so many of you and yes I even got a bit of video plus snapped a picture. From time to time I receive email from those just discovering certain fetishes that I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge about, looking for answers to their questions. Many times they are barely Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass, trying to understand and deal with handling their hidden desires yet trying to explore them in secrecy. Worrying about what their family and friends will think of them if their desires would become known to them.

Trying to explore but not having the ability to purchase correct equipment because of either the lack of funds or not having access to a private mailing address for things to be shipped to.

I have decided to answer from My own experiences these questions today. Fear of being discovered by family and friends We are judged by others on Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass daily basis on much less than that but I feel if you are comfortable with someone, be it a family member or friend Frankly, if they want you to be happy they will care about you whatever choice you make as long as you are happy.

It all boils down to how comfortable you are to share that part of you. Thankfully for Myself after too many years of simply sharing that part of Me with others that shared My choice of lifestyle, I was able to live this part of Me openly without worry but that came from realizing this is My life and I will live Looking to have someone penetrate my Columbus ass however I wish.

Buying locally fetish related items or making due with what you have With equipment, having a good imagination does help plus many things can be found at your local stores. Just a few examples that I can think of off the top of My head are Weights that can be used for ball stretching can be found anyplace that sells Fishing equipment.

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Again, awesome web site! I understand this is somewhat off-topic however I had to ask.

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